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Camera Dollies

Dollies: The FilmMaker’s Swiss Army Knife

An Essential Tool for your Toolbox

CobraCrane dollies are an essential piece of equipment that adds dimensional shooting capabilities to the videographer or filmmaker. You can't go to a Hollywood studio and not find a dolly. They have been around for over 70 years in filmmaking.

The CobraCrane Tracking Dolly provides smooth, stable, and fluid motion for incredible dolly shots. The Tracking Dolly is an excellent tool for creating awesome depth of field movements. Center your subject and roll the dolly back and you have a progressively wider shot. Center the shot and move the dolly closer for super sweet, smooth close-up shots. Combining dolly moves with crane moves really will help you set your videos apart from the competition. You will be able to offer your customer virtually every move they ask for.

CobraCrane Tracking Dolly is a versatile Slider too.

If your looking to invest in a slider, think again. Since the Tracking Dolly and Crane can boom from ground level to over 14 feet AND give you side to side shots lower than any slider and, higher than any slider it's a no brainer. With CobraCrane and Tracking Dolly its very easy to do slider moves at any height and at any of a variety of angles. Simply boom the crane to the desired height and you are ready for the next slider move. Nothing is faster to get ready, more flexible on any type or height of shot, more elegant or a better investment.

T6 Aluminum construction supports 100 lbs.Simply set up the track perpendicular to the subject. Mount your camera on the tripod or better yet on the crane. Frame the subject, then simply roll the dolly on the track. Nothing is smoother. Best of all with the crane you can easily get any height, any angle, any tilt - any perspective you want. 

Rugged and Ready For Action

CobraCrane collapsible tracking dolly and 15 feet of trackOur tracking dolly comes either with 450cm (15 feet) of track - or without track - if you want to obtain the track yourself. Now your "to and from" or "side to side" motion will be unsurpassed. The dolly holds the tripod (and crane) and runs on the PVC track. It runs on six super smooth high-quality over-sized skateboard type wheels. Each wheel is mounted on a pair of ABEC 7 shielded bearings. These wheels are offset by 90 degrees, so they grab the track and smoothly roll over providing incredibly smooth dolly moves that are amazing to watch and will keep the viewer's interest throughout your presentation. Like all the products in the CobraCrane lineup, the Tracking Dolly is designed with the working professional in mind. So it can be set up and be ready to use in seconds. It breaks down in seconds too so that it is easy to transport and fits beautifully in many of our CobraCrane Padded Carry Bags.


Durable Aluminum Construction

Durable anodized aluminum The dolly is made of lightweight aluminum tubing with 90 degree angles mounting the soft pliable long board dolly wheels. Its rugged, sturdy and can take abuse. It can handle crane and camera gear in excess of 40 kilograms (90 pounds). The dolly has a rich, flat black anodized finish that will not reflect light on your talent or into your lens. In windy situations you can add sandbags to the dollies base. Self centering, self aligning wheels stay on the track allowing you to concentrate on the subject and the work at hand.


Quick Lock Tripod Mounting

Easy to connect tripodThree quick locking tripod mounting areas provide for fast setup and securing a wide range of tripods securely to the dolly. Once inserted into the hole, a tightening bolt is locked your tripodfoot into the landing area. 

Easy to Transport

All fits inside this easy to use carry bag with backpackGetting to and from the job is easy too, since the track is broken down into six 152cm (5 foot) sections. Easy to transport and easy to carry. The Tracking dolly and all the track will fit into our CobraCrane Padded BackPacks, so you can carry it with you and still have your hands free for other duties. 


Quiet Operation 

Dolly wheelWhen rolling, the CobraCrane Tracking Dolly makes virtually no noise at all. Since your camera is isolated from the soft wheels you get no vibration at all, just a beautiful smooth side to side slider move or amazing dolly moves.



Construction: Aluminum Alloy
extended Length: 29 inches /  74cm
collapsed Length: 28 inches /  71 cm
collapsed Width: 8 inches  /    20 cm
Weight: 11 lbs.     /    5 kgs.
Payload: 100 lbs.    /   45 kgs.
Track Length: 15 feet      /   450cm
Track Width (Assembled): 20 inches  /   50cm 
Track Carry Weight: 22 pounds  / 10 kilograms 

Tracking Dolly with track


Tracking dolly along with 15 feet of 2inch PVC pipe. CobraCrane collapsible tracking dolly with track

Dolly -No Track


The dolly only kit will run on virtually any 2" diameter track.  Other pieces below will help if you want to get parts to make your own track at any time.

15 feet original track Kit


This kit provides six 150cm (5 foot) sections and six inserts, end caps and a padded carry Bag.  This kit is everything you need.
Complete kit with rails

15 feet additional track


This kit provides extensions for current track. We pack six 150cm (5 foot) sections and six inserts, so you can add to your existing track now. With this extension kit adding to your current tracking dolly kit, you will have 30 feet of super smooth, track to run with your CobraCrane Tracking dolly.

(Must have original track for this kit, since it simply adds length.)

Package of 4 inserts


Maybe you want to buy PVC local? We can help you with the inserts. This kit has 4 Inserts that will allow you to connect six 2 inch (50cm) PVC tubes, so you can make your own track.

End Cap Kit


This kit has the two end caps and 4 inserts, so you can buy the pipe locally and when you need it. These pieces will hold it all together.
End Cap Kit



Carry Bag for track set.  Can hold 8 rails along with end caps Padded carry bag can hold 8 rails and end pieces. Making it easy to transport and store