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Black Desert X (CobraCrane 1X) - 8 Foot Camera Jib


Black Desert X (CobraCrane 1X) - 8 Foot Camera Jib

$ 229.99

The Black Desert X camera jib is our standard single bar crane. With the ability to boom a camera weighing up to 3 kilograms (6.5 pounds), the Black Desert X camera jib can reach up to 244cm (8 feet) above the ground (on a 150cm / 5 foot Tripod) and can go as low as ground level, offering incredible performance at a very competitive price. This kit includes a 3 foot extension piece. 

The Black Desert X camera jib can be extended 91cm (3 feet) with the included extension kits; which includes everything you need so you would have both a 5 foot (152cm) and a 8 foot (244cm) crane. The Black Desert X camera jib has three inherent functions. They can boom your camera from the ground up to the maximum height of your crane tripod combination. Black Desert X camera jibs can smoothly swing the camera from the pan function of your tripod's fluid head and they can tilt the camera from any position within their swing or height arc. By taking advantage of any combination of those moves, Black Desert X camera jibs can significantly enhance the quality of your work, and exponentially raise the value of your presentation, thus creating greater earning potential. You will be able to create sweeping, captivating Hollywood moves without breaking the bank.

When you check out our videos you will instantly see the benefits of having a Black Desert X camera jib.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable Steel Construction.
  • Single Person Transport, Setup, Operation.
  • Built in Manual or Static Tilt.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Sets up in only a few minutes.
  • Easily Transported and Stored.


  • Actual Length: 152 or 244cm / 5 feet or 8 feet
  • Length from Pivot: 90 or 180 cm / 3 feet or 6 feet
  • Carry Weight: 6 kg / 13lbs
  • Camera Capacity: 3 kg / 6.5lbs

What's Included:

  • Black Desert X – 8 foot (or 5 foot) dual arm camera Crane
  • 2 Camera tilt cable assemblies
  • Installation guide

*tripod and counter weights not included

Review the Black Desert X / CobraCrane 1X manual here:  CC1X_Manual.pdf

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