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CobraCrane Backpacker - 5 foot Camera Jib


CobraCrane Backpacker - 5 foot Camera Jib

$ 299.99

For those on the go, we offer the CobraCrane Backpacker camera jib, the world's best selling crane. This system is the same length at the CobraCrane 1 camera jib (152cm / 5 feet). The difference is that this package comes as telescopic unit allowing you to retract it down to 110cm for easy transport. They can reach up to 244cm (8 feet) above the ground (on a 152cm / 5 foot Tripod) and can go as low as ground level, offering incredible performance and versatility at a very competitive price.

The BackPacker features a telescoping weight bar for making your setup super fast, no longer needing to mess with thumb screws. Locking in place with a pass through bolt, makes balancing even quicker and easier. The other key feature is the slotted camera bracket, making it very quick to simply slide your camera on and off the plate quickly for changing batteries or changing cameras.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable, Robust Steel Construction.
  • Single Person Transport, Setup, Operation.
  • Built in Manual and Static Tilt.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Sets up in only a few minutes.
  • Easily Transported and Stored.


  • Total Length of Crane: 152cm / 5 feet
  • Length from Pivot to Camera: 90 cm / 3 feet
  • Weight: Less than 5.9 kilo / 12 pounds
  • Camera Capacity: 3 kilos / 6.5 Lbs.

What's Included:

  • CobraCrane BackPacker – The World’s Best Selling Camera jib arm
  • Camera tilt cable assembly
  • Installation guide
  • Tripod and counter weights not included
Check out the BackPacker Manual.pdf here.

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