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CobraCrane UltraLight - 12 foot single arm camera jib / Tripod kit


CobraCrane UltraLight - 12 foot single arm camera jib / Tripod kit

$ 749.99 $ 1,059.94

CobraCrane UltraLight 12 foot Single Arm camera jib arm can reach up to 14 feet above the ground (on a 5 foot Tripod) and can go as low as ground level, offering incredible performance with both static and chain and sprocket controlled manual tilting.

Built for modern DSLR cameras, rigs and camcorders weighing up to 3 kgs / 6.5lbs., the CobraCrane UltraLite is a Single bar crane able to provide shots from an ant's point of view all the way up to a giraffe's. Sweeping vista shots of landscapes, panoramas and sporting events have never been easier, or more dramatic.

The CC501 is a Manfotto 501 compatible tripod head mounted on a three stage aluminum tripod base with midlevel spreader and spiked and rubber mounted feet. This tripod is compatible with any of our Single arm CobraCrane systems, lighter weight dual arm systems and of course our BackPacker systems. This tripod features an extra long panhandle that can mount on either side of the head providing tons of extra leverage and distance allowing for super slow, fluid pans and tilts. Both pan and tilt are fully adjustable by a dampening know making adjusting on the fly easier and secure.

This kit includes a 62" Padded Carry BackPack, Padded Tripod Bag and Weight Bag.

Features & Benefits:

  • Light Weight, durable, powder coated Aluminum Construction
  • Single Person Transport, Setup, Operation
  • Built in Manual or Static Tilt
  • Easy to Use
  • Sets up in only a few minutes
  • Easily Transported and Stored


  • Actual Length:12 or 8 feet / 365 or 246cm
  • Length from Pivot: 8.5 feet or 4.5 feet / 259 cm or 137 cm
  • Carry Weight:11lbs / 4.8 kg
  • Camera Capacity:6.5lbs / 3 kg

What's Included:

  • CobraCrane UltraLite – 12 foot / 8 foot single arm UltraLite jib
  • 2 Camera tilt cable assemblies (for 8 and 12 foot modes)
  • Installation guide
  • CC501 Fluid tripod head (Manfrotto 501 compatible)
  • 3 stage Aluminum legs
  • Mid level spreader
  • Rubber feet and Spiked feet
  • Padded Carry BackPack
  • Weight bag

Counter weights not included.   TRIPOD INCLUDED!!

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