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CobraCrane 501 Aluminum Tripod w/ fluid head


CobraCrane 501 Aluminum Tripod w/ fluid head

$ 549.99 $ 749.00

The new CC501 Tripod is 100% compatible with Manfrotto 501 release plate systems and is built specifically for our CobraCranes* and FotoCrane lines of camera cranes (both single and dual arms). Matching a tripod to a crane has been a chore in the past. Now we have done the work for you. We have assembled a nice, robust, reasonably lightweight and very capable unit able to support all our CobraCranes* and all FotoCranes. The Tripod head system features 3 stage adjustable aluminum legs, adjustable spreader, fluid dual axis pan tilt head with adjustable handle and 501 release plate. Professional Video tripod with a 75mm halfbowl and fluidhead. Made of Aluminium with removable rubber feet and spiked feet included.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight, yet strong 3 stage aluminum tubes. Spiked or webbed feet included.
  • Midlevel spreader.
  • 501 compatible head, uses all 501 compatible release plates.
  • Almost 2 meters high (final stage used in low weight applications only).
  • Extra Long Adjustable handle can be mounted to either side, providing extra leverage for super smooth pan and tilts.

*When used with any of our CobraCrane camera jibs, move the tilt handle to tilt the camera at the end of the crane.


  • Legs: 3 aluminum tube sections
  • Max height: 77"  / 198cm 
  • Min height: 30"  /   78cm
  • Folded height: 38"  /   97cm
  • Weight: 13lbs.  /  6kg
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Front tilt: 90 degrees
  • Backtilt: 70 degrees
  • Panning: 360 degrees
  • Capacity: Single or dual Arm CobraCrane with 3kg camera and counterweights
What's Included:
    • CobraCrane 3 stage aluminum tripod
    • CobraCrane 501 compatible fluid head
    • 501 compatible sliding release plate
    • Mid level Spreader
    • Extra Long Adjustable Pan / tilt handle, can mount on either side
    • Padded Carry Bag
    • 1/4" Captive camera screw
    • 3/8" captive camera / crane screw
    • Users guide

      * Note CobraCrane / BackPacker use height. This is the height of the CobraCrane tripod bracket. Our capacity claims are based on this height, exclusively. Total camera height = this height + pivot length
      *1 all legs fully deployed. EXCLUSIVELY FOR BPU and FCU
      *2 larger legs deployed only. Used with all single arm cranes
      as well as FotoCrane 2 and FotoCrane 212HD
      *3 min height, All tubes retracted to max can handle all our cranes.
      *crane and counter weights not included
      Number pieces in packaging:1 Number pieces in box:1
      **When shipped with a CobraCrane or BackPacker an additional release plate is included mounted on the crane, for instant assembly.

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