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CobraCrane ProLine Pan Tilt Unit


CobraCrane ProLine Pan Tilt Unit

$ 999.99

The CobraCrane ProLine Pan Tilt Head system is a dual axis motion control system for lightweight cameras up to 6.5lbs. The PanTilt head provides for realTime joystick controlled motorized pan and tilt. Both axis’ can rotate more than 360 degrees as well as be constrained to any user definable degree range.

Speeds can be adjusted from as slow as .05 degrees per second to as much as 1 rotation per second. The system also supports stop motion, repeatable motion and scheduled movements for both video and user definable timelapses. The system works in both real time mode, where by the system follows a joystick or controller, or schedule mode, where you can tell it what to do using keyframes to change items over time.

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