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FotoCrane BackPack padded carry bag 53 inches (135cm)


FotoCrane BackPack padded carry bag 53 inches (135cm)

$ 54.99

This CobraCrane padded 53" carry bag can carry your either FotoCrane2 and dolly system or both and in many cases your tripod as well. It is 53 inches long (135 cm long), so you can carry all of your FotoCrane 2 systems. It is 40.5 cm wide (16 inches) so the dual arm systems can fit inside the huge bag as well as our tracking dolly or a tripod. Its 6 inch (15cm) depth allows you to carry alot and keep your hands free.

Since you can carry it all as a backpack, it offers hands free use. Long zippers make it easy to fit any of the cranes very quickly. Additional pockets for accessories, tools, and lots of other equipment make the CobraCrane Padded Carry Bag our top selling accessory. Large length zipper for ease of packing and removal of CobraCranes. Protect your crane and your investment with a CobraCrane Padded Carry Bag.

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