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Hybrid SteadyTracker 501 quick release kit


Hybrid SteadyTracker 501 quick release kit

$ 49.99

This particular kit is for owners of any SteadyTracker who would like to use the 501 plates to quick release between all 501 compatible systems and all SteadyTrackers.   We basically welded a sliding receiver on top of our standard SteadyTracker Release plate.  We made a small run of these for some customer who wanted to be able to quickly change ALL their cameras with ALL their cranes AND ALL their tripods.

Additional mounting brackets are included, which allows you to mount your camera in a wide variety of non traditional environments, such as other company's cranes and jibs. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Adds Sliding Mounting Plate (501PL) to all SteadyTrackers
  • Quick removal to and from the SteadyTracker and any crane, tripod or other 501 system
  • Provides plate and receiver for a wide variety of applications
  • Includes screw type locking mechanism and button for emergency lock
  • Includes Manfrotto 501 compatible plate

What's Included:

  • The SteadyTracker Quick Release Plate system
  • 501 compatible release plate
  • 1/4" captive screws for cameras
  • 3/8" captive screw for cameras 

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